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Frequently Asked Questions

Consulting fee is $87.  Contact us before making any payment.

SPECIAL OFFER for our Nigerian prospect. In consideration of the unstable nature of the NAIRA. N100,000 Naira consulting fee.


How long does the admission processing take

It takes an average of a week after we submit your application to have your admission letter ready, even at that we always work towards having it at the earliest date possible.

What documents do I need?

For an admission we require your WAEC/NECO results with compulsory credits in English and maths with a photocopy of your international passport or birth certificate.

Can I transfer from a university in my home country?

Yes, you can transfer at any level from any university in your home country.

What documents will I need for the transfer?

We require your complete transcript, your WAEC/NECO result and photocopy of your international passport or birth certificate.

What documents are required for admission into a Masters program?

We require your OND/HND or BSc, WAEC/NECO results and photocopy of international passport or birth certificate.

Will I get a scholarship?

Yes we work towards getting students 50% scholarships to study here in Cyprus

Can I increase my scholarship?

Yes, you can increase your scholarship after your first semester, your grades for the semester will be taken into consideration and will determine your eligibility for a scholarship increase.


What is the yearly tuition?

The tuition (scholarship included) is three thousand and ninety nine Euros (3,099) annually

What is the yearly tuition for Master’s program?

Masters program is 350 Euros per course. Seven courses in total, minimum of 2 courses per semester.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes you can apply for up to a six installments plan.


What is the Visa process?
  • After your admission has been issued, you will be required to pay one thousand and five hundred Euros (1,500) from your tuition fees directly to the schools account in order to be issued an acceptance letter (note; this is later subtracted from your outstanding fees).
  • The issuance of an acceptance later indicates that your name has been sent to the Turkish embassy in your region, and we can apply for an interview date with the consulate.
  • We will apply for your visa interview and get the date set for you
Will you process my travel visa?

Yes, we will

What is the cost for visa processing?

Visa processing fee is 200,000 Naira

How long does it take to get my visa?

It solely depends on the consulate

Is there any guarantee on the visa?

We cannot be precise with how long it takes to get your visa, we can assure through us, your visa is guaranteed

Can I travel immediately after I get my visa?

Yes, you can

Is there an alternative?

We work with a third-party consultant to get you an ‘ok to board’ document.

With this you can get on the next available flight and have your visa stamp at the airport in Cyprus.


What accommodations are available?
  • there are school dorms and apartments (you can find more info on those here (
  • there are town apartments that range from 58 pounds to 175 pounds per month
Can I book and pay before I travel?

Yes, you can book and pay for an apartment through us.

Do you offer airport pickups?

Yes we do, and it is free

Living in Cyprus

What is the living standard in Cyprus?

Cyprus has a relatively moderate standard of living compared to other European countries. The official currency is the Turkish Lira.

Can I get a job while I study?

Yes, you can. There are moderate part-time and full time jobs in town. The universities also employee international students to work in certain areas of the school. Masters students can get jobs in the international offices and student deanship offices. PhD students can get jobs in the international offices, student deanship offices, Library, registration offices and can also serve as research assistants.

After I graduate, can I update the status of my residency and get a full-time job?

Yes, most students do exactly that. Your employer can decide to retain you and update the status of your residency. You can also search for a job after your graduation.

So, what are you waiting for?